Sarasota, September 8 – 10 — Audigr has announced a partnership with the globally acclaimed Tanner Speed Academy to offer an educational coaching seminar for coaches and an insightful training course for athletes of all sports. This collaboration aims to empower coaches and players with cutting-edge techniques and knowledge to excel in today’s fast-paced sports landscape.

Tanner Speed Academy, with over three decades of coaching excellence, has earned worldwide recognition for its pioneering approach to developing crucial running skills essential for success in high-speed sports like football, handball, basketball, tennis, and beyond. The academy’s expertise lies in honing athletes’ speed, agility, and overall athleticism, creating a solid foundation for both professional and aspiring players.

Bringing Tanner Speed Academy to Sarasota is a game-changer. One of Audigr’s core missions is to foster connections among coaches and provide them with invaluable educational opportunities.

The coaching seminar is a rare chance for coaches to delve into the strategies and methodologies that have made Tanner Speed Academy a household name among sports professionals in Europe. With their deep expertise, the academy’s coaches will provide insights on optimizing training regimens, enhancing player performance, and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in sports science.

Athletes of all sports disciplines are strongly encouraged to seize the opportunity presented by the training course. From mastering agility techniques to refining sprinting abilities, the course will equip participants with a toolkit to elevate their on-field prowess. Regardless of the sport, the principles taught by Tanner Speed Academy are designed to unlock each athlete’s full potential.

Coaches looking to benefit from this unique coaching seminar can find more information and register at, while athletes eager to enhance their skills can access the training course details and registration at

As sports continue to evolve and demand higher levels of performance, Audigr’s partnership with Tanner Speed Academy stands as a testament to their commitment to bringing the most effective and advanced training methods to Sarasota. Coaches and athletes alike now have an unparalleled opportunity to take their skills to the next level and stay ahead in today’s dynamic sports landscape.