Sarasota Paradise WINS USL League 2 New Organization of the Year Award

In a momentous occasion for Paradise fans and the Sarasota community alike, Audigr-owned Sarasota Paradise has been named the USL League 2 New Organization of the Year. The prestigious accolade was bestowed upon the team as part of the USL’s pre-professional end-of-year business awards, recognizing outstanding clubs and front office executives for their exemplary contributions […]

Sarasota Paradise’s Busy Off-Season

In the realm of sports, the off-season is a crucial period for teams to regroup, strategize, and engage in activities that contribute to their overall performance. For Sarasota Paradise, a soccer team operated by the Sport Consultation Firm Audigr, the post-season has been a hive of activity, with exciting developments and strategic initiatives paving the […]

Audigr: Transforming American Soccer, One Team at a Time

In the vast and diverse world of American sports, there is an undeniable shift in the landscape. The nation’s love for sports is reaching new heights, and the demand for well-managed, vibrant sports clubs and teams has never been greater. This is where Audigr, a pioneering sport consulting firm, emerges as a driving force in […]

Sarasota Paradise’s Winning Partnerships: A Season of Success

The past season has been a remarkable one for Audigr, the renowned sports consulting firm that owns and operates the Sarasota Paradise soccer team. Audigr has secured an array of sponsorship deals that have not only transformed the team’s performance but also played a pivotal role in strengthening the local sports community. These partnerships extend […]

Audigr’s Marketing Magic: Elevating Sarasota Paradise

Audigr’s Marketing Magic: Elevating Sarasota Paradise In the world of sports, it takes more than just talent on the field to make a team stand out. The marketing component plays a pivotal role in building a strong fan base, creating excitement, and establishing a brand identity. Audigr, a marketing powerhouse, has been instrumental in shaping […]

Audigr – The Brains Behind Sarasota Paradise’s Success Story

Audigr – The Brains Behind Sarasota Paradise’s Success Story When it comes to crafting a success story in the world of sports, there’s one name that stands out—Audigr. The sports consulting firm, led by its visionary owner Marcus Walfridson, has orchestrated a remarkable feat in the creation of Sarasota Paradise, a team that is set […]

Tanner Speed Academy Teaches Coaches & Athletes in Sarasota

This past weekend Audigr brought Tanner Speed Academy and it’s speed expert & founder, Carsten Effertz to Sarasota for a weekend of speed education for coaches & athletes. Friday and Saturday evenings, coaches gathered as Carsten Effertz went over the science of speed training. He reviewed specific cases within soccer where speed was pivotal. Coaches […]

Audigr Brings Renowned Tanner Speed Academy to Sarasota for High-Speed Sports Training

Sarasota, September 8 – 10 — Audigr has announced a partnership with the globally acclaimed Tanner Speed Academy to offer an educational coaching seminar for coaches and an insightful training course for athletes of all sports. This collaboration aims to empower coaches and players with cutting-edge techniques and knowledge to excel in today’s fast-paced sports […]

An Amazing Inaugural Season For Sarasota Paradise

Greetings! We’re thrilled to share the electrifying journey of the Sarasota Paradise soccer team throughout their remarkable inaugural season. As the proud sport consulting firm behind all Sarasota Paradise Operations, Audigr is elated to recount the exhilarating moments and unforgettable experiences that unfolded on and off the field. A Season of Triumph and Heartfelt Dedication […]

Sarasota Paradise Brand Reveal

SARASOTA, FL – Sarasota’s new USL League Two soccer club has a name: Sarasota Paradise. Audigr Group Inc. consulted with local leaders and also collected suggestions from the community to assist in the naming of the team. Ultimately, the club chose Sarasota Paradise because it conveys a destination, an ideal, and a sign of what […]