In a momentous occasion for Paradise fans and the Sarasota community alike, Audigr-owned Sarasota Paradise has been named the USL League 2 New Organization of the Year.

The prestigious accolade was bestowed upon the team as part of the USL’s pre-professional end-of-year business awards, recognizing outstanding clubs and front office executives for their exemplary contributions during the past season across the USL W League and League Two

Led by Marcus Walfridson, Audigr made an indelible mark on the local community with Paradise’s inaugural season in League Two. The USL’s announcement highlighted key elements that set the team apart and contributed to its well-deserved recognition.

Instant Impact: Sarasota Paradise wasted no time leaving a lasting impression on the Sarasota community. The team’s instant impact was marked by a distinct and recognizable identity, capturing the hearts of fans from the very beginning. The vibrant and engaging identity of the club has become synonymous with the spirit of Sarasota soccer.

Exciting Style of Play: A commitment to an exciting style of play on the field further solidified Sarasota Paradise’s standing as a standout organization. Fans were treated to thrilling matches characterized by skillful plays, strategic brilliance, and a dedication to the beautiful game. The team’s dynamic approach to soccer resonated with both avid supporters and casual fans alike.

Strong Local Presence: Integral to the success of Sarasota Paradise was its strong local presence. The team actively engaged with the community, fostering a sense of pride and unity among Sarasota residents. Beyond the matches, the organization demonstrated a commitment to making a positive impact off the field, contributing to the cultural fabric of the region.

Some key highlights of Paradise’s 2023 season

Sarasota Paradise is owned and operated by Audigr