This past weekend Audigr brought Tanner Speed Academy and it’s speed expert & founder, Carsten Effertz to Sarasota for a weekend of speed education for coaches & athletes.

Friday and Saturday evenings, coaches gathered as Carsten Effertz went over the science of speed training. He reviewed specific cases within soccer where speed was pivotal. Coaches participated in practicals where they performed specific dynamic movements to improve speed. One local coach described the seminar as “game changing” for his coaching future.

Saturday & Sunday Mornings, Carsten Effertz worked with athletes of all ages. Young athletes & aspiring professional athletes participated in an influential session to improve their speed and improve their game. Tennis players, soccer players, and football players joined Carsten, as he had them perform top level speed drills.

One of Audigr’s core missions is to build connections among coaches and athletes and to provide them with invaluable educational opportunities. This was a successful event that Audigr hopes to host again along side it’s USL-2 team, Sarasota Paradise. Planning stages for the future event in December are in the works.

Audigr’s partnership with Tanner Speed Academy stands as a testament to their commitment to bringing the most effective and advanced training methods to the teams it owns.

To learn more about Tanner Speed Academy and its methodologies visit their website: