Sarasota Paradise Unveil Brand

SARASOTA, FL – Sarasota’s new USL League Two soccer club has a name: Sarasota Paradise.

Audigr Group Inc. consulted with local leaders and also collected suggestions from the community to assist in the naming of the team. Ultimately, the club chose Sarasota Paradise because it conveys a destination, an ideal, and a sign of what is yet to come.

The club’s crest depicts the area’s natural beauty, specifically the sunset seen over the Gulf of Mexico by locals and beachgoers on Florida’s west coast. The sun shares space with an image just as iconic for the city of Sarasota – a frond from Florida’s state tree, the sabal palmetto, seen throughout the city. The frond is placed in the style of a laurel wreath, a symbol of athletic excellence.

For its colors, Audigr looked to Sarasota’s urban architecture and natural setting, including the Gulf at night, sunlit trees, and terracotta roofing, among others.

To learn more about Sarasota Paradise, visit their website, or follow the club on Twitter and Instagram.

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